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Computer programming is often known as application development. It’s a process of maintaining and writing a source code, but in a broader sense it is the process that goes on from the conceptualization to implementation of the application. Thus, research, modification, new development, re-engineering, maintenance, etc. comes into the fold of application development. Nowadays application development refers to the all important mobile app development.

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Mobile phones are the dominating device being used extensively all over the world across all demographics. It packs a number of things apart from the usual calling, text messaginMobile phones are the dominating device being used extensively all over the world across all demographics. It packs a number of things apart from the usual calling, text messaging, and call receiving. With more and more innovations taking place in the mobile industry, smart phones have become pocket friendly and affordable, thus prompting 90% of the population, irrespective of age, to use them. And with this increased dependency on a handheld device, demand for app development companies are on a rise. Everyone wants to access their favorite application on their mobile phone, as it is not always possible to log on to desktops and laptops as they are location bound or much heavier to carry around.

It has hence become essential to develop mobile friendly applications. Android is the most dominant mobile OS with 87.6% of the total market share, followed by iOS with 11.7%.This has resulted in an explosive growth in the android software development industry followed by the niche segment of iOS app Development. Mobile applications are often written in a device specific way to take full advantage of the features a particular mobile device offers. For ex:- a gaming app can be developed keeping exclusively in mind the advantages of the iPhone’s accelerometer. If an application is developed natively on a device, it gives a full proof guarantee that maximum performance can be churned out from the app.

We understand the different challenges faced by an app development company during a mobile application development. The most specific challenges are different devices and operating systems, specifically in the android software development arena as it has the largest consumer base. This leads to mass diversity in the apps demanded by the users. Easy to use mobile apps are what users want and prefer, otherwise too much complex navigation will make the app go obsolete. iOS app development is a niche market and attracts a lot of app development companies due to the huge returns and extremely polished and attractive UI which tempts users to pay more. In keeping with fast changing trends and ever changing technology, a mobile app has to be updated every 2-4 weeks. A powerful platform is required to get a new app to run successfully and flawlessly on all devices. Our developers will deliver mobile apps that stand on their own, and make full use of mobile device features, such as integrating the GPS, microphone or camera. We follow the ideal process of creating applications for mobile devices on a software platform.

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